Thursday, August 7, 2008

Is it REALLY Thursday already?

I don't know where this week has gone but I feel that a large portion of it was spent in the car. Monday night was a mini-marathon in the car. Tuesday was a car tri-athlon, balancing packing the van with stuff from storage and still trying to cram in the kids in their carseats. Yesterday was just hardcore! I only had 1 kid with me so I really STUFFED the van when I passed the storage unit on my way to the hospital to visit my dad. I got home so late though that I didn't get to unpack the van. The trunk is full. The back seat is full. The little aisle is packed. The seat next to the baby was stuffed. And the front seat was reserved for purchases that I had to make at Wal-STAR-mart--it got filled! :)
Now I'm wondering if I should go get ONE MORE ROUND of stuff from storage tomorrow (DH might kill me) or if I should set up my sale for the Friday early-birds. I don't know... I'm mostly selling kids stuff so I don't want the kids to watch their stuff leave and try to drag it back in the house. I might just wait for DH to entertain them on Saturday. :)
I'm off to sort and price... gotta see if the neighbors would mind if I set up in the driveway this weekend.

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