Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Drool-Worthy Burgers

I just snatched up some smoked paprika recently after reading a blog post from a random foodie online. She made it sound like this wonder ingredient and I just lapped it right up. And, by golly, she may be right--it's fantastic! I'm not really a major burger lover but I've made burgers TWICE in the last week and both times both DH and I couldn't stay away from seconds. And after the kiddos went to bed we made a kitchen run for thirds! In fact, I just ate some leftovers from last night and I'm trying hard to keep from going back for ANOTHER hamburger!
Anyhow, I adapted the recipe from a Gordon Ramsay hamburger recipe and I have to admit that I'm really happy with the results. I regret that I didn't take pictures of the process but I'll share with you how I achieved such yummy results without grilling although I'm sure that grilling these would just put them over the top!

1.5 lbs lean ground beef (preferable 90% lean or better)
1 egg
1 Tbsp minced Garlic
A good hearty dose of fresh cracked black pepper
1-2 tsp. kosher salt
1.5 - 2 tsp. smoked paprika
1 Tbsp. Worchestershire sauce (or "wooster sauce" as my Grammie would say)

I just mixed all the ingredients until it looked like the paprika and garlic were evenly incorporated (a wire potato masher works great--mental note to self: go buy a new one of those things!!) and then I made them into decent sized patties making sure to pat out the sides quite a bit so there were no cracks. The meat mixture was pretty wet at this point and initially I was worried that they'd fall apart once I started to cook them but it wasn't an issue. I put them on a plate and popped 'em in the fridge for at least half of an hour to help ensure the blending of the flavors and that they'd stay in one piece till they were cooked. I cooked these over medium heat in a large saute pan and they were ready after about 12 minutes and are some of the juiciest, most tender burgers I've ever had.

I know Gordon Ramsay might consider it a sacriledge, but if you get a chance, top these bad boys with some of Kraft's new Tangy Tomato Bacon dressing--very tasty. And if you've got some thick-cut peppered bacon, she's welcome to join the party in your mouth too. :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Trying to solicit help!

Well, I am going to (rather ashamedly) admit that I am a Messie at heart. I was once reformed but I've had a major relapse and was well on my way to being admitted to a rehab program but I have *barely* escaped by the skin of my teeth and I am asking for your help.

Please post a comment suggesting one of your favorite cleaning and or organizing tips and you can win a prize! I'll be trying to put all of your suggestions into good use for the next month or so and will report back on my status then but for now you have a chance to win your choice of prizes:
1-For those of you who are avid crafters out there, a grab bag of some random goodness from my stash: maybe some fabrics, scrapbooking "schtuff", patterns, buttons, ribbons... who knows what I might find on my quest to conquer clutter!?!
2-A handcrafted item made by yours truly. This would be an absolute surprise to whomever receives it but I promise to take your personal likes and dislikes into consideration!
3-A $10 gift card to your choice: Starbucks, Walmart or Target!

As you can see, lots of choices for your prize--but I have LOTS of clutter to conquer! With 3 little girls, a craft-a-holic Mommy (who CANNOT resist a sale at A.C. Moore) and a Music Geek/Computer Guru Hubby in the house, you can imagine all of the stuff that we have accumulated! So send me some useful de-cluttering and house cleaning tips for a shot to win!

Just post your entry here and let me know which prize you'd like best... I'll be drawing a random winner on October 1st!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Holy Moly! It's been so long... Sorry.

School has started and we're off on the quite the adventure with TWO in class now! #1 loves school and every day is exciting for her. #2... not so much. She's learning to enjoy class but she still comes home so tired every afternoon. Ahh, and Little One. She spends a portion of every afternoon looking at the girls' pictures and wandering around the apartment calling for them. She misses her older sisters but she's certainly enjoying some alone time with Mom.

And me. I've just been schlepping around. I tell myself that I'm using my computer and my sewing as incentive to get my stuff done around the house. You know, the cleaning, sorting through old kids clothes, filing, re-organizing the cupboards and the pantry, etc. I tell myself each day, "If you get X done, you can go blog" or "If you finish up with Y you can sew something". So of course you know what's getting done: No blogging, No sewing, and No housework. Actually, the stuff around the house is all started and several projects are in varying stages... I just haven't FINISHED anything. I actually started on my bathroom but still haven't completed it entirely; I've gone to the length of taking down my fabric shower curtain and getting rid of the towels that matched it and all, but we're not done in there--I still have to do the wall decor and get a new shower curtain. And a new liner. And a new rug or something.

Anyhow, I just wanted to post and let you all know that I'm still here, just not always blogging. I guess I'm off to go start a project that I won't get finished today. Maybe I'll tackle my closet. :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Coming soon!

I know I've been absent for over two weeks now and not blogging is weighing heavily on my mind. Never fear though, I'll be back soon! Today I hustled two of my little ones off to school and after I get caught up on some housework and special projects this week I hope to be back and blogging before you know it!