Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Holy Moly! It's been so long... Sorry.

School has started and we're off on the quite the adventure with TWO in class now! #1 loves school and every day is exciting for her. #2... not so much. She's learning to enjoy class but she still comes home so tired every afternoon. Ahh, and Little One. She spends a portion of every afternoon looking at the girls' pictures and wandering around the apartment calling for them. She misses her older sisters but she's certainly enjoying some alone time with Mom.

And me. I've just been schlepping around. I tell myself that I'm using my computer and my sewing as incentive to get my stuff done around the house. You know, the cleaning, sorting through old kids clothes, filing, re-organizing the cupboards and the pantry, etc. I tell myself each day, "If you get X done, you can go blog" or "If you finish up with Y you can sew something". So of course you know what's getting done: No blogging, No sewing, and No housework. Actually, the stuff around the house is all started and several projects are in varying stages... I just haven't FINISHED anything. I actually started on my bathroom but still haven't completed it entirely; I've gone to the length of taking down my fabric shower curtain and getting rid of the towels that matched it and all, but we're not done in there--I still have to do the wall decor and get a new shower curtain. And a new liner. And a new rug or something.

Anyhow, I just wanted to post and let you all know that I'm still here, just not always blogging. I guess I'm off to go start a project that I won't get finished today. Maybe I'll tackle my closet. :)

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Ang said...

I am so the Ying to your Yang girl....get me over there and I'll have that place cleared out and cleaned up by Sunday!!!!