Saturday, January 3, 2009

A New Year and I'm already behind...

Wow. Several weeks since I posted last. A couple of MAJOR holidays have gone by without so much as a peep from me!

Well, all is well here. The kiddos go back to school in less than 48 hours! Time to make sure #1's reading log is all up to date with everything we've read in the two weeks of holiday vacation. Make sure their backpacks are sound for 2009 and come up with a clever little "going forward in 2009" type gift for the teachers. I know it's cheesy, but I think that they expect all of the gift giving to be done right before they leave for Christmas break but I like to welcome them back from vacation with a little something that makes them smile. Problem being that I have one day to find that clever little something and wrap it up for their backpacks. I'm thinking coffee cozies and a little gift card for the local bakery. It's not Starbucks coffee but they make a KILLER breakfast. :)

Oh, the Little One just bumped her head... it's off the net for now!

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Bringirl said...

Would those be lavender coffee cozies?? =)