Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring is coming!

Well, it's only been a week--that's progress for me! DD2 was home from school for 4 days this week--well, really only 3 and 3/4 days because she went to school on Wednesday and came home pretty early in the morning feeling ill. It was a long week, but a good one as it started out great with a night out; a good friend and I went to the mall for a little window shopping, I got my hair done and we grabbed a bite at my favorite mall eatery: Auntie Anne's! Tuesday night kept the mood going strong with another night out for me--this one was a quiet night of quilting with friends. I'm learning to piece blocks together with a few great gals and getting to know more about them and their families in the process. It was SO relaxing and great fun. The rest of the week has gone by in a bit of a blur, but I know that it did include a family movie night complete with take-out.
To top it all off, Saturday was a great day. Sunny and warm (and when I say warm I mean NY warm: a balmy 49 degrees) were on the menu and I think we all had a generous helping. I'd like to you and say that we even went on a picnic but it was more like we sat in the van and ate so that we could enjoy the sunshine without getting a chill from the breeze.
And now, I'm off to Rite-Aid to pick up some sort of drugs to intervene in my toddler's troubling case of constipation. Lord knows that child eats enough prunes but she's blocked up somewhere and I'll spare you the details but we're all suffering from her bowel distress. :)

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Ang said...

Ohh ohh ohh do I get to be the cool friend that you hung out with that monday night er so long ago???=) Good times girl!=)