Monday, November 10, 2008

The task at hand

My husband and I have been talking for quite some time about how we desperately need to get some family portraits taken. We've honestly only taken ONE family portrait since we've had the children and it was when DD1 was 4 1/2, DD2 was 3 and I was, ahem, icky preggo. Meaning not quite huge but big enough that I needed maternity clothes but not big enough to fill them so I just looked awkward. And we got the photos taken at Walmart. And I got us all dressed in the Wally bathroom after I bought all of our clothes at Walmart. And I did our hair there. And I looked like an Amish freak. It was just HORRIBLE. There's no way to describe how much I loathed the pictures. SO it was with a small amount of relief that I would later discover that when we brought the pictures home DH unwittingly spilled coffee on the packet of photos and I came to find them all stuck together and not really salvageable save a few shots of just the girls. And to date we've never taken "real" photos of the baby. Who is now NINETEEN months old!

So last night DH called me and said that a friend had rented a studio this weekend and we had an 11 o'clock appointment to get our family photos taken. The price was unknown but he knew we were getting our pictures taken and that was good enough for both of us. So now I'm hoping to make matching outfits for the kids. And I'm wondering if I should take any cute props -- maybe whip up some fabric balls for the Little One. Or tutus and fairy wings/wands for the older two. Books (since DD1 is quite the avid reader now and is diligently working on reading bedtime stories to the younger two these days), or boas or wardrobe changes. I guess I'll just have to make a call and see what our session includes.

Until then I'm hoping I can get some good zit-be-gone or something. And maybe I can do something new with my hair. Maybe I can click my heels three times while murmuring "There's nothing like pretty, nothing like pretty, nothing like pretty..." and a miracle will take place and I'll be transformed into a photogenic fairytale by then. I guess we'll see... :)

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Martha said...

Here is my vote, I say you go Western. You know, like one of those old-fashioned photos you can get at the Great Escape? I'm thinking cowboy hats, boots and you dressed like one of those dance hall girls with you foot up on hubby's knee.
Seriously, give it some thought.