Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Last night DH and I were snuggled up to each other to watch a great couples flick: The Incredible Hulk. For some reason I get suckered into staying up and watching all sorts of random testosterone breeding cinematics lately. I had a feeling that the movie was going to be man candy when he said to me, "This one's going to be a bass rumbler." Anytime that a man starts to talk about subwoofers and bass speakers before the movie/song/video game starts you can take the hint that it's going to be a man fest scenario before long. You might as well dig out chips and salsa for him and grab yourself a book or go take a bubble bath.
I didn't avail myself to any of the usual options last night. DH didn't have any man friends to pal around with so I got to revel in all that was incredible about The Hulk. Yeah, the night before he put on Iron Man (I just typed Iran Man and that was funny) my hubbie said that I was "going to really enjoy this movie--it's got some sappy stuff in it". One of said "sappy" scenes involved the Iron Man pounding a bunch of bad guys and then taking their lead bad dude and dropping him off in front of a bunch of vandalized villagers and declaring in a uber gravelly voice, "He's all yours" before he took to the skies again. I was moved to tears. Almost.

So around 11:30 as the Hulk and the really bad guy are tearing it up all over NYC, the phone rings. Normally I'm not the type to jump at the phone but it was late. I jumped. I mean, we're not talking, "it's dark out and bad things happen at night", we're talking "it's so late that somebody must be in the hospital" kind of late. I kind of froze in my tracks and pushed DH off the sofa to go answer the phone. After stumbling around in the dark for a few moments he found the phone and pressed the *talk* button but said nothing. After listening for a few moments the other party hung up and DH followed suit. Why I asked why he didn't say anything he replied, "I didn't know who it was." A few moments later they called back and he sent the call to voicemail.

Now maybe I should have prefaced this with a little tidbit: The same "Louisianna Caller" that is showing up on my caller ID last night at 11:30 also showed up on my caller ID at 1:30 in the morning on Monday. I was itching to get to the bottom of the situation. After we finished the last few minutes of our movie I was referencing our mystery call when DH suddenly gets frisky and dares me to call our mystery caller from LA.

So I did. Turns out it was a little old lady who was fumbling around in the dark for her phone and trying to call her mother in California. Say what?!? Weird. She apologizes a few times and then tops my evening off with a "Blessings on ya!" before we disconnected. That was a new one for me. I have to admit though, I'm a little tempted to use the "blessings on ya" line the next time I'm on the phone with a friend. Just for fits and giggles.

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Ang said...

Blessings on ya...I love it!!!!