Monday, October 13, 2008

Long weekends

In our home, long weekends give reckless abandon to the usual bedtimes slated for our children. They stay up late, we hope they sleep in but they never do, we count our blessings when they pass out for a nice long nap when we get in the car to go "out". It's a cycle that repeats and we have grown rather accustomed to it.

Thursday last week started a FOUR day weekend for us and we decided to treat the kids to a pizza and movie night to get the festivities off with a big bang! By the end of our movie the two little ones were ready for bed but our oldest was begging to stay up with us to watch a show... or two. She had her pillow and blanket out on the sofa and was ready to camp the night away in the living room and well, we let her! After watching The Office with us her mind wandered into the realm of peaceful oblivion and we went to bed ourselves. Upon waking the next morning she took advantage of the fact that her other sisters were still sleeping and sidled up to me... "Mom, it felt really good when you let me stay up late and watch a show with you..." wink, smile, batting of the eyes... "It kind of made me feel like a grownup!" At this point I was tickled and just kind of going along with her: "Oh yes, it was so fun! Wow--a grown up, huh? Pretty special...!"

Then she tells me, "You know, when I get older I'm going to have lots of kids too! And you know what else? If they don't have school the next day I'm going to MAKE them stay up and watch TV with me; then we'll ALLLLL feel like grownups!"

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Ang said...

Ahhh.... if being a grown up only entailed that much then I'd want to grow up too!=)