Thursday, January 17, 2008

No Way

Just had to post: Hailey's been running on about 6-8 steps per try the last few days. Today she blew the record away with a whopping 21 steps!!!

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smilestons23 said...

Oh my Heather, sounds like Lara food comes out her butt we laugh she cries. I am surprised you didn't cover the lower part of the mirror (we don't need to see our yucky butts anyway) you don't want a little fashion diva running around. Congrats for little princess on her stepping up in the world. Note to self when visit have a change of clothes, purell, and spray to disinfect handy. It will pass; leave the house for a few hours with windows open a little for fresh air, not too long its artic outside. Hey we should invent cold be gone bombs, like the flee bombs.