Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I've got a few Works In Progress right now but I've set them aside for a little while in order to bring some peace into the midst of my chaotic stash. I spent two days (hey, little kids are VERY demanding) folding all my fabric into 11"X7" parcels. Now I need only to get a cabinet to house them. They're currently looking very sad in a large clear storage tote. It's a rather large tote. They are so pitiful in there--they need to be housed in a way that declares, "I am something wonderful!!"
Anyhow, my WIPs are a cute little baby blanket for one of Bill's coworkers who just had a baby girl, a blankie for my cousin's baby boy, a gaucho set for my 9 year old 2nd cousin, a pair of mosaic jeans for Micaela (see the DIY kits offered by Megan of Creative Outlet Designs) and a pair of mosaics for Lara. When all of my WIPs are done I hope to share some of my stash with you all. :) Fun times here in the Kunkel house.

On a side note: Lara's much better, just tired and Hailey... well, I think she's on the mend. Still sharing some ketones.


Tara M. Bloom said...

Oh my, I never knew why kiddos smelled so bad when they're sick. Or why I do for that matter! Ketones, eh? I'll remember that!

Thanks for entering Maternitique's lip balm giveaway we had on Mommy Doodles. Sorry it didn't go your way. Keep your eyes out, though, there may be more! Or subscribe to our newsletter, because we always offer mom rewards in that. Good luck with your blogging. You're off to a great start.

FeatherBunkle said...

Thanks, Tara!