Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Update: Vomitron 2K8

Well, despite my optimism, Lara and Hailey took another ride today. The Pediatrician says that all will be well in time. He also put to rest my 5 year long concern with the rubbing alcohol smell that my children sport when they're sick--it's ketones. Give 'em a little gatorade or pedialyte and smell-begone! Apparently people give off ketones when their body is trying to burn energy and there's nothing left to give. It's the smell of body fat being eaten up, which really isn't good for little kids. It can actually lead to hospitalization so he suggested giving them some quick sugar to burn and keeping them hydrated with a caloric drink. Long term: make sure they're taking in enough to eat. It's actually pretty hard to do that when they're sick and not keeping things in, so short term fix: sugary drink. Treatment at the hospital: sugar-water administered via IV.

Man... if only I could figure out a way to give off some ketones myself--I could use a solution to my overly adequate lovehandles.

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