Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fishing for tips

So I'm having company over today and I need to clean up around the house. I just have absolutely zero drive to get it done! You know, the dusting, washing/putting away the dishes (I swear, my dishes would spend an entire life cycle in the drainboard if my husband didn't care), picking up random toys, scrubbing the toilet... my house isn't filthy by any means, but there are toys out and general clutter abides here.

So my question is this: where do you get the motivation to straighten up on days like this? Have you got any little cleaning tips that you could share with me? Today I've got a bad case of Listless Mom Syndrome. I think it stems from the small nap that I took when I put Little One down for her sleepie deepies this afternoon; I got just enough rest to realize that I need some rest.

On a side note, Little One fell asleep getting kisses earlier, it was rather cute. She had started to wake up from her nap and I went in and snuggled with her and started giving her little "nibble kisses" as we call them. Her hands, elbows, cheeks, belly, knees and toes... you get this picture. It must be a mom thing. Anyhow, after I kissed her toes I looked up and she'd fallen asleep again with an angelic look on her face. Wouldn't that be a lovely way to drift of into dream land every evening? Little kissy nibbles from someone who loves you and makes you feel safe? If there's one thing I'm making sure of, my little girls know that they're loved!

So... what makes you want to get right in and bleach your toilet bowl?

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Ang said...

Ahhhh those days are more often than not around here lately. Having our daughter has changed me in so many more ways than I can count. The cleaning and laundry just doesn't seem as important these days...and kissing my kids to sleep and watching them grow and interact...yeah that does seem important...excuse me while I go snuggle with my kiddos, thanks for the great post Heather!!!