Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fun Friday afternoon

Yesterday I took all of the girls up to a small, local amusement park called Magic Forest with #1's kindergarten class. It was great fun--the weather was perfect, the whole park is shaded so we stayed cool and the park is still closed to the public so while there were several school groups there, we had no wait time to get on the rides and the crowd was so friendly. We stayed to close up the park after the school groups all left and it was cute to see my girls and a friend's kids run from ride to ride and basically just hop on each one at will. There were maybe a dozen kids in the park for the last half hour and they had a blast!
After we left the park we hit the Carter's outlet store where they had some great sales ($1.99 bins, INSANE $5 racks and oodles of stuff for 70% off) but not much in the line of sizes for my kiddos. I grabbed a few things and headed off to pick up a few groceries and print off some of those fairy pics of Little One at the ol' Kodak Kiosk. I picked up a new pattern so be on the lookout for some new kiddie clothes in the next week or two...
I was sure that when we got home the kids would be exhausted but would you know that those little stinkers were up till 9?! The baby, of course, was sleeping by 6 and only woke up intermittently to eat a quick snippet, get a diaper change and pass out again. But then she woke up at 6 this morning and there was no keeping her down, she was ready for the day. So I pulled out my Sunday School materials and started studying again... I haven't taught in... well... forever. Tomorrow's the big day, say a little prayer for me!

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