Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Would a Rose by any other name really be a Rose?

My Kindergartner tells me that her music teacher will be having a baby this July. "Her name is Rose and she's going to be a cute baby!" This was fabulous information for me as I've been trying to come up with some good end of the year gifts for the teachers. Ultimately, we made a dress and matching burpie and picked up a cute little "my first year" photo frame for the teacher (picture of dress to follow--we were on a tight schedule and I nabbed a solitary photo of dress and burpie on the front seat of my car).
I still haven't finished up a gift for my daughter's primary teacher. I'm:
1. An indecisive person
2. Admittedly frugal
3. Always waiting till the last possible moment to get things done
My major challenges here though are that I absolutely love this teacher so nothing seems like it truly expresses how much I have valued the time she has devoted to my daughter this year. I have never gotten the impression that this teacher was just "getting the job done". On the contrary, she has personally vested herself in the success of each and every student in her class. I can only hope that next year, when I have two in school, their teachers will be as attentive. That said, I really want to do something that tells this teacher how special she really is. By tomorrow morning. I've been looking for a good gift idea for about a month, nothing strikes my fancy. Now that we're down to the wire I'm going to have to do some purpose driven shopping this afternoon!
::fingers crossed::

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Ang said...

I'm sure you came up with something PERFECT!!!