Thursday, July 31, 2008


-Two things I've been craving lately: Dairy Queen and Outback Steakhouse. Must. Go. Soon!
-Hailey poopied in the potty yesterday but I think we're going to hang up the training pants soon because she seems to be losing some interest and at 15 months old, I'm not going to push her.
-DH's birthday is in 4 days. #1 wants to get him a flashlight. #1 also says that #2 wants to get him fingernail polish, this has yet to be confirmed by a still sleeping #2 but I'll find out if there's any truth to the matter.
-DH lost his wallet 2 weeks ago and it's killing me not being able to find it. Mostly because it has his fishing license in it and the girls ask everyday when Daddy is going to take them on their maiden fishing voyage
-Getting nostalgic and missing my friends in NJ lately.
-Want a nespresso coffee machine. Badly.
-Seriously delinquent on about 5 craft and sewing projects lately
-Wondering if I should bang out a stock of goodies and sign up for a craft fair this fall to get some extra Christmas Cash.
-REALLY have to go potty but am too tired to get up off my derriere right now and go do it.
-Feeling guilty for not visiting my grandmas lately.
-Looking forward to the start of this school year.
-Nervous about #2 and the start of Kindergarten.
-Still surprisingly fresh, this new deodorant is a keeper.
-Man! Gotto GO... badly. This can't wait. Must go tend to some paperwork in the reading room.

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