Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Social Obligations

Friends have invited us to their campsite for dinner this evening. I don't particularly *want* to go but I know that my anti-social streak has been trying to make a bold resurgence and "color me bad". (Gosh, what a cheesy play on words--only thing worse is that I'm leaving it there and not deleting it!) Hubby is a social creature and the kids can stand the excitement, I mean, it is summer after all! So I'm dutifully making my dessert and packing up a camping bag to take with us on our trip to their little slice of the ol' Adirondack pie.
The kids have VBS tomorrow and I anticipate we'll be home late this evening so I'm going to try the old nap trick. Even if they won't sleep, I know they're good for some quiet time if I dole out blankets, pillows and a hearty helping of Noggin. :)
This morning I wasn't terribly productive so I have some catching up to do if we're going to go out to play this evening. Nothing new, same old laundry folding, dish washing, toy pick upping as usual. And I have a sewing project that I have GOT to finish. I'm actually remiss for not having it done already. If it's not done in the next 48 hours there will be penance to pay for it. Something along the lines of kneeling on raw rice sounds like it would be fitting. Or maybe putting crackers in my bed.

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