Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Away to park we go!

Yesterday we took a walk in the afternoon, just to get out of the house. It was beautiful outside and I couldn't see keeping the kids cooped up in the house, I think we ALL needed to get out. So off we went to drop off a small bag of random kid stuff to one of my neighbors.

After leaving a plastic amalgamation of little kiddo socks, smocks and I'm not sure what else precariously dangling on her doorknob we started to trot off. We didn't have any real direction of where we were headed, other than away from our place. That wouldn't last too long though, I thought, as I adjusted the straps to the infant carrier that has Hailey plastered to my lumpy abdomen.

"Hey, girl!" The proclamation came from my side and as I glanced over I saw my neighbor's cute little boy come running up to see who was hanging out in the street in front of his house. As it turns out my neighbor was taking her little ones for a walk too. So we meandered off to the park at the elementary school and let our little ones hash it out in the sandbox and on the very peaks of "castle park" for an hour or so. It was GREAT to be out of doors, to let the kids play and to get some adult conversation all at the same time.

If only I could remember to take the camera along on these jaunts. I think I'm going to stuff my OOOOOOOOLD digital camera in my diaper bag and leave it there for these types of occasions. It's some granny-style Kodak easy something or another from about 5 years ago but heck, it'll do the trick. Besides, it's better than nothing.

Now I just have to remember the batteries... ;)

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