Friday, April 25, 2008

It's Daddy's Turn Tonight

This evening DH got to take #1 to school for "Fun Night". It's the last fun night of the year and tonight's event is the culmination of a full day's worth of school spirit filled activities; games, crafts, snacks, a BOGO book fair and to top it all off like a cherry on top of the sundae, she will walk away with a t-shirt in the school's colors: black and orange.

I don't remember ever going to any events like this with my parents but I feel privileged that my husband and I are able to take part in these fun activities with our girls and I look forward to doing the same with BOTH of my school aged girls next year. I think it's great to get the kids out and involved and it's especially nice that hubbie and I can take turns at it. Tonight #1 is getting some precious father-daughter bonding time and the two little ones are home with me... which is nothing new, but it's nice to have an evening to ourselves. ;)

I keep telling myself that these days won't last forever and while I find myself drinking in all that each day has to offer, I still feel as though I take entirely too much for granted. My little girls are already turning into productive members of society and I couldn't rightly tell you when it even started to happen! Ahh, how I LOVE my family!

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