Monday, April 21, 2008

Do you expect any less from me?

Fresh in from NJ, we're happy to be home and diving back into our routine, but we MISS our friends!! I know that there will be no surprise when I tell you all that we forgot to take our camera. Actually, I thought I'd put it into DH's backpack as we were leaving little one's birthday party last week and we hadn't taken it out yet but alas, when we got to our friends' place this week, no camera was to be found in the bag. :( And I hadn't started up on the ol' Kodak in the diaper bag yet so I was really out of luck...

On the up side of things, we surprised the kids and my oldest daughter got to meet Nat and Alex from the Naked Brothers Band this weekend and had her picture taken with them and she and my middle girl got autographed posters. Needless to say, they were thrilled! To the fantastic couple who made the whole occasion possible, THANK YOU Tracy and Christine!!

The whole weekend really was fantastic, I couldn't be any happier. Any time that we visit we have great fun; our kids play well together and love each other, we all get along great and whether we get a sitter for the little ones and head out for the evening or we settle in for a quiet movie night or even hang out while washing dishes, run over to Target for bubbles, or spend a couple hours looking for to owners of a stray miniature doxon who frightens police officers, we always feel right at home together and absolutely LOVE each others' company. It really is nice to have such wonderful friends--I could go on for hours talking about the Ferschies! They're just great people and anyone who gets a chance to hang out with them is blessed! We're hoping to celebrate our independence and patriotism with them on the Fourth of July, hopefully I remember my camera then!

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Jennifer Paganelli said...

Wow what a treat ..Your children are beautiful and so cool that they got to see the Naked Brothers Band!!!
Can't wait to see what you are crafting next...Jennifer