Wednesday, April 30, 2008

To the Pedes... again.

Well, today we are off to the Pediatrician. When Micaela gets out of school we will take Lara to have her ears checked. Last week, during registration, the school nurse talked to me about Lara's ears and told me that she actually failed her hearing test. The nurse broke out the otoscope and, upon examination, she said that the tympanic membrane inside of Lara's right ear was "flat" (which can indicate fluid in the eardrum or a perforation) and said that Lara's left ear was severely swollen. All of this may be due to a recent spate with a prolonged ear infection. She also had massive amounts of snotter dotters (yes, that's what we call nasal mucus in our home, aka "boogies") in her head that may have been clogging everything up and creating undue amounts of pressure inside her cranium. So while Lara should have been able to hear things at a level of 25 decibels she was straining to hear beeps at 40 decibels and was totally zoned out between 30 and 35 decibels.

I am not particularly worried about the situation, she seems to hear just fine to me. She can be watching a cartoon and hear me whisper her name from across the room, so I'm thinking it was a one time occurrence. You can never be too safe though so we'll take her to have her ears examined and, hopefully, rule out any hearing loss.

I'll report on the results later this week. :)

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