Friday, May 16, 2008

Get my hustle on

Today I have to hustle bustle... many things to do this afternoon before I take my two older girls to a mother/daughter banquet this evening. Took #1 to school this morning, dropped off a few things at a friend's house and went on a scavenger hunt looking for some rocks to use as props for a skit I'm in this evening.
#2 is watching a cartoon, Little One is nursing and I'm gearing up for a run to the store. I've got to get a few items for the skit I'm in tonight (wish me luck), grab a few ingredients for a pot of bacon corn chowder that I'm slated to make for this evening's potluck, pick up a couple gifts for various parties we're attending this weekend and, if time allows, peruse some fabrics for an apron swap I'm in on. After that, we'll head home, throw a load of wash in at the laundromat, make a science project, whip up a batch of white chocolate macadamia nut cookies that I've been craving and then pick Micaela up from school. Next we'll pick up the washing, run home and let the kids play in the yard (hopefully it's not raining yet) while I check on the seedling they've started for their little container garden--we started beans, peas, radishes (radishes because they're great for instant gratification: you can harvest them in just 3 weeks) and some flowers for, you guessed it, #2!!
Now we've got the chowder to make, need to get everybody bathed and fresh, hopefully I can get us all in matching clothing but I wouldn't count on it--I just haven't the drive to get that stuff done lately. Desire, yes... drive, no. Finally, ooh and coo with the baby while I pack her bag because she's going SOLO to the babysitter for the first time ever. So I'll run her to the sitter's, run to this banquet, feed the kids, smile and chortle a few times while letting my soup get cold but making sure my girls "eat up". Put on a skit, watch my girls sing a heart-warming "I love my mom" song, see if I can sneak out early to get Little One from the sitters, then run home and get everyone pajammied and off to sleepy land. I'm sure I'll be sleeping loooong before DH gets back from movie nite with the guyz!

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Bringirl said...

I think you could have squeezed in a couple more things, don't you? =) Hailey was a sweetie cuddly.