Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lovely Day

Today was a superb day! This morning we got a start on our spring cleaning and then the kids looked out the window and clued us in to what a lovely day it was outside. We went out pretty early and the kids had a blast playing outside.

#1 is obsessed with "working" and being super productive; she wanted us to find some sort of yard work to do for her. We don't really do yard work ourselves as our landlord (who is a great guy--you're tops, John!) does all of the outside maintenance during the summer months. Micaela wanted to do SOMETHING so we put her to work gathering all of the sticks and twigs that had fallen off of the neighbors' trees and into our lawn. She actually made a sizable pile of twigs, branches and a few unidentifiable objects--I was impressed by her determination. She ran back and forth across the lawn, spurring her father and I to join her little cause, "So Titus' daddy can mow the lawn--Let's make it easy for him!!"

Yeah. #2 was happy laying in the grass, gazing at her little bundle of dandelions and listening to the birds. She's our little ballerina/hippie/princess. She's so moody and passionate, she's the ultimate love child! It's really rather amusing to me to watch her grow; I just never know what she will say or do next.
Ah, and #3! She was napping when we went out to enjoy the beautiful weather. That was very short-lived though. When we brought her out she sat in the grass with a volleyball between her legs and didn't budge. She refused the let her hands touch the grass. If you stood her up she would walk around and join in whatever we were doing but if she fell down she wouldn't even try to get up; she just didn't want her little hands to make contact with the prickly green blades of sweet smelling grass. That was entertaining. :)

For Mothers' Day I requested a grandiose KA mixer. It's been one of my top wants for a while now but I've always put it off because they are a little spendy and you know how we mothers always think about family first, "Oh, I don't really need that, let's get school shoes for the kids..." Well this year I decided that I'll be putting that rebate check from Grand Ol' Uncle Sam to good use and I'll be getting that KA I've so longed for. I am going to demonstrate some patience though and wait to have the money in my hot little hand before I go ahead and do my duty as a responsible citizen by stimulating the economy with my purchase.

So, enough for now, sleep is beckoning!


Vickie said...

Hi Rachel!
I was given your name in the apron swap from Abbey's "A Feathered Nest" blog so I wanted to visit your site to learn more about you. You are a blessed woman to be mommy to 3 girls! I will visit your blog often now that I know where you are. Keep up the good mommy work and I love seeing what you make!

FeatherBunkle said...

Vickie--I can't figure out how to reach you but my name isn't Rachel--I wonder if you've "found" the wrong blog...?