Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Puddin' Pops!

So today we made some Jell-O pudding pops for a nice snack. #2 helped me and was absolutely thrilled to be "cooking" with Mommy. DH has told me several times of fond memories from his childhood of pudding pops and I was a little aloof because I'd never experienced the creamy goodness of such a wonder.

This afternoon with my trusty Google search engine at my side I decided to venture into my pantry and conquer the creamy popsicle known as The Jell-O Pudding Pop. While our recipe said to use 5 oz cups, popsicle sticks and straight up pudding made just like the package says, I got a little adventerous and used 9 oz. cups with fruit in the bottom and some super cute animal shaped plasticware from Dixie. The forks actually worked great because they stood up well in the fruit and they provided a nice big, textured surface for the little hands to grip (the Dixie forks are wide and flat and are kind of similar to toddler forks in that they are easy to hold). We just made vanilla pudding, stirred it into the fruit, stuck in a fork and froze them. The kids LOVED them! This time we used raspberries but I think I'm going to try some peaches next time. I can see raspberries or strawberries being good with chocolate pudding... I also wondered how things would go if you folded a little cool whip into the pudding before re-freezing it. I'll let you know how it goes if we try it.

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