Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ladies' Nite!

So tomorrow night promises to be a fun evening; DH has volunteered to play the role of an oversized child and stay at home with the children while I go out with some friends to see Made of Honor at the movies. I think I might even head to the mall a few minutes early to check out a sale--can you blame me though? How often is it that a girl gets an evening to herself? In my case, not often enough. :)

Anyhow, I've been putting together some goodie bags for the ladies that'll be enjoying their evening out. I was thinking of something to make and toss into the bags but I'm still undecided. Then I thought of putting a little something special into just one of the bags as a little "prize" of sorts and we'll have a little drawing to see who gets what bag.

Does anyone have any clever ideas? I've got a nice little fabric stash here and tons of yummy scrappies that I could use but only a couple of crafting hours between now and then... any clever crafter want to offer a suggestion??

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